Friday, March 29, 2013

How do women meet a man?

I hear this question time after time... and I am always amazed that women truly do not understand the power they have.
I hear women say, I won't go work out at the gym because they don't want to work out with men staring at them...
I hear them say, I won't go to a bar alone because the men won't leave me alone...

We live in a strange time because then the women will say, I hate it when a man calls me up and doesn't want to make the plans, they expect us to make the plans, they don't take the lead. They want men to make decisions.

And here is what I know, men will not hit on you or stare at you at the gym. Sure they will look but we will look at everyone. And unless you are a goddess or lifting weight that impresses the hell out of us, we have no reason to stare because we are busy doing our own thing.

Now back to the original problem, where can women meet men.
Let's start with the gym. If you really want the chance at meeting a man at the gym it's soooo easy. We love helping you. If you make that first contact, excuse me but can you tell me.... i.e. how to use this machine properly? What weight should I use? Is this the proper form? And that approach works any time all the time. When is the best time to meet a guy at the gym? Early Sat or Sunday before noon. The gym is filled early on weekends because they all want to get out and show off that hard work and the ratio on Friday night after 7pm or weekends before noon is HUGELY in your favor, last time I checked 20 :1.

So, you are not a gym person? Then the movies... then a pub, then church, then an art festival, then ... oh yes, ANYPLACE where you might give him the chance to make a move.

Here is what is important, all men like the woman to offer an opening to them. What? That's what you ladies say, what? Like this is news... it shouldn't be. An opening is just like the gym scenario. If you are at an art festival, people walking around, easy to target someone you like how they look. I use my intuition in these situations, you should too. Select someone you would like to meet, stalk them, yes I said stalk! Discreetly, please. See how they are acting and reacting. See if you like how they interact with the crowd, are they irritated by people, are they smiling a lot... so you will know how to select your potential suitor.

Then when you are ready, simply walk up next to them, and say something like,  do you really like XXX? or, Oh, excuse me but are you familiar with xy's work? Do you like this fabric? this texture? this artist? do you have a place for this in your home?  Hi! I saw you looking at this piece, I like it, do you? what drew you to this piece?
Are ya getting me yet? Offer him an opening to make the next move IF HE IS INTERESTED. And be mindful he might not make that move until some time later, after he has time to think about what just happened. Then he might stroll up later and say, so, do you like this piece? and it is that easy.
Same in a movie theater. If you see him walk in alone, wait until he goes to butter his popcorn or get a drink or get some napkins and do the same... then say something like, what are you going to see tonight? let him tell you and then see if he returns the conversation... it's an opening! We love openings!

This does not work in a pub usually... unless he wanders up to the bar alone or is sitting alone, then you simply walk up to order a drink or get a cocktail napkin and say something casual.. sorry to crowd you, oops, did I bump you?, kinda crowded in here tonight, how do I get the bartenders attention? what does a lady have to do to get a drink in here? hahahaha yes, it can be that much fun... then he has an opening and IF he is interested he can make that next move.

Questions? thoughts? Try this out, let e know how it works for you!