Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Love-the final frontier called money

Love is an interesting topic and one that people have talked about since Adam fell out of Eve. Or was that out of favor from the Garden Of Eden. But an interesting topic regardless.

Love is all about feelings, emotions, heart aches, passion and even romance. Love is about joyous encounters or heart rending endings. Some people who get hurt from a failed love relationship vow to never fall in love again while others simply ferar the pain so much that they refuse to allow themselves the feelings of love.

But what is love? What makes us fall in love? What makes us want to fall in love?

Love is the natural state of the human condition and when all conditions are in alignment then we can fall in love.

Love is allowing ourselves the comfort of growing close to another person. Close enough that we want to share ourself and our emotions with another person. Close enough that we allow ourselves to trust someone else so deeply that we expose the real us. And in so exposing open ourselves to the pain of ridicule if they don't know how to love us.

Love is an openness that says, I trust you completely.

And when I say, love is the final frontier? I mean it is the final event, the last condition, the ultimate exposure of our 'self'.

Many women start their adult life by getting married. Getting married and falling in love for Americans usually are synonymous. And many women fall in love and give themselves to their husbands and in so doing give that trust to their husbands also.

Many women give themselves up to that trust. And in so doing never take the journey they need to take into a large part of being an adult, responsibility.

Oh I know what you are thinking. Steve Sapato! Are you trying to tell me that a wife and mother are not responsible positions in life?

No I am not telling you that. But there is a HUGE area that many seem to neglect until some disastrous event forces them into this place called financial responsibility. Yes, many ladies do the shoping and care giving. They buy for the household and shop for the kids. They plan the events and moderate the family gatherings but... many know nothing or very little about how the money is deligated and used and where to find the "future" if something happens to their spouse.

at www.stevesapato.com we are putting together a June 2012 Event for women's empowerment called "Let's Get Wellthy" and it is ladies teaching ladies how to find their true power and health. It's about empowerment, knowledge about the power women can exert and how living healthy through knowledge and exercise brings them into a place where they are truly the new leadership of the world.

Yes it is still ok to be a woman. It is still ok to exemplify the women's role in a relationship but it is also now required that you ladies know all about what is going on in your marriage.

It is vital that you know where the safe deposit key is hidden and what is in that box. It is vital that you know how much the mortgage is and how that mortgage will be paid if something should happens to yoru marriage. It is vital that you know about savings accounts, checking accounts and bill paying. It is vital that you are aware of all that can and will affect you if something happens to your marriage.

In my research for my books I have found a very large percentage of women have allowed the man to completely control the financial 'purse strings' and while they say they are aware when something happens to either their partner or the marriage they are completely unprepared for making sure all of the finances are in order.

Love is a wonderful and amazing experience and when developed properly, nurtured and grown will lead to a life of wonder and joy and memories that will be cherished long after one of you is gone. But now we must also understand that love should include both the husband and the wife, or life partners in every aspect of the team they are producing. And a great husband will make sure his wife is as prepared to take responsibility for the marriage as he is.

Now, go where all men and women should have gone before, into the final frontier called, LOVE and fiscal responsibility.