Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Truth About LOVE

When most people think about love it is talked about in a very unreal experiential way. It is an unreal event happening in a real way and time. It is the quintessential form of flattery to fall in love with someone and to share that love.
But what is LOVE? Is it a feeling, an emotion, a cloud that cannot be measured or tested or touched? Love is a very real emotion but it is induced by a very unreal expectation.

When we think of love we think of a fairy-tale kind of experience. The la-te-da of emotions. The oh happy days of life.

But when we are experiencing love it is very real. typically painful. usually short lived, and seldom has the desired outcome in the long term event culminated by the emotions which we call, marriage!

So the next time you 'fall in love' remember that love is an emotion and can be affected by unreal or unrealized feelings that will lead us to often to a place where we will experience pain for having fallen in love.

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