Sunday, February 7, 2010

Long lasting love

What will make love long lasting? We all know about chemistry. We all know about infatuation. The passion of the moment stuff. But what makes love long lasting? What can you do after the lustful beginning to make love grow?

Well, first of all, let's talk about what the first lustful beginning might do? I might simply burn out. Have you ever met someone that seemed immediately to trip your trigger? Someone who really made you feel good and it sure seemed like this would develop into a long lasting relationship but after a few weeks or couple months... it just fizzled out?

Those relationships we cannot save. Those are based strictly on a chemistry type of thing and when that first wave of alcohol has burned off the outside of the relationship, there just isn't anything there to build upon.

So make sure as you start into a relationship that you give it TIME to develop and not be embarrassed with all of the passion and commitment just to have to admit several weeks later that you just aren't interested.

After you get to that point, we should start talking about what you can do to make your relationship last.
Because making it last is determined by what you are basing this relationship upon.

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More on lasting in my next post. Blessings and hugs into your life. Sss